Assumoud Palestinian National Scout 
Assumoud Palestinian National Scout was established in 1996 in Burj Shemali center of Beit Atfal Assumoud. Then, it was developed to reach Rashidieh, Nahr El-Bared, Beddawi, Burj Barajneh and Shatila centers.
The aim of this scout is to strengthen the patriotism, cooperation, and other scout duties that play an important role in building the individual’s personality. Within the scout activities, dancing groups were established with bagpipes where they started participating in national and social scouts and in internal and abroad festivals.  They participated in festivals in Malaysia in 1996, Norway in 1999, France in 2005-2007, Italy and Germany. 

Scout Hierarchy
• 17 Leadership council
• 7 scout bands
• The advanced scout band with 15 members
• Al Murshedat Scout band with 57 members
• Al Jarameez and Al Zahrat band with 89 members
Assumoud scout organize summer camps annually to train and qualify new members. These camps are held outdoors.