Mental Health Care Program

Mental Health Care Program
The Family Guidance Center (FGC) was established in 1997 to fulfill the growing needs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon for basic emotional and educational guidance for children and their families, in addition to specialized preventive and therapeutic services in the area of mental health and child & adolescent development. FGC is currently operating five clinics for assessment, therapy, and rehabilitation in Beirut, El-Buss and Saida (Ta'ameer) in Southern Lebanon, and Beddawi and Nahr El-Bared camp in Northern Lebanon.

The centers provide specialized services for children and adolescents facing specific developmental, behavioral or emotional difficulties, counseling for parents and other caregivers and training for NGOs and teachers.

Each center provides the services of the following professionals:

• Child psychiatrist
• Psychologist
• Speech therapist
• Social worker
• Psycho therapist
• Psycho-motor therapist

The FGCs receive children and adolescents, from birth to the age of 18 and sometimes older. Even though the majority of the clients are Palestinian, the services of the centers are open to beneficiaries from other nationalities referred by the community who need psychological help but cannot afford the costly services provided elsewhere.

The policy of the center emphasizes the importance of the family unit as the most essential support unit for the child. Every effort is made to include the child's primary caregiver in their treatment.