The development of Aghaneena choir
Aghaneena choir is one of Beit Atfal Assumoud projects that took place in Al Beddawi center in the north area. This project polarized a big number of candidates who have the desire to participate, and Al Fayha choir which is a Lebanese band and with great experience selected the candidates who have the talent and ability to be a member of this choir.  The participants are Palestinian youth from the camp and Palestinian refugees from Syria.
As this project was new to the artistic band of the center, trainers from Al Fayha choir trained and supported them by their experience in this field. The training was intensive, and the duration was between two and four hours, which was equivalent to two trainings per week for each band. Accordingly, these trainings were of great benefit for our choir because they gained experience from Al Fayha Choir that increased their technical level.  
Members’ commitment and social life of the Choir
There are 33 members of the choir. They have been committed and persistent since the beginning of the project despite the difficulty of singing in different sounds, but the members insisted to achieve the objectives of the project in order to develop and spread the Palestinian musical heritage among people. Aghaneena choir believed that the most important objective of this project is to conserve the identity of the Palestinian people.
Aghaneena choir built strong relations among the members regardless the belonging of each. This strong relation encouraged and motivated them to be committed in order to meet each other and to meet new friends and share the Palestinian issue and heritage with each other.
This kind of art "Choir” is very interesting as it enhances human behaviors. The public interest is considered as priority because the success or fail of the group depends on their feedback and the success of an individual in the group depends on the level of the entire group. Hence, we can find the deep relation among the members of Aghaneena choir and the importance of their union.
The members of Aghaneena choir got used to respect the time and place on which the choir attends the training on time and keep the place neat and clean.