Sponsorship program

Sponsorship program

Once offered good care and provided with good models, not critics, children are like birds that find their right migration and return ways that secures their survival season after season.

The children and families that benefit from the sponsorship program are those who fulfill the following conditions:
1- Loss of both parents
2- Disability of the father which prevents him from work.
3- Loss of the father in a large family in which most of the children are below 13 years.
4- Hardship cases (Socially Orphans)

Sponsored families are followed up by the social workers whose goal is to improve their educational, social and psychological situations. Each social worker is responsible for a certain number of families that include home visits, and guidance to assist individuals reach self-reliance.

Activities supported this project:
This program raises the national, social and health levels of the mothers through monthly meetings and workshops, awareness and participation in all social and national occasions.
The children take advantage of the school holidays on Fridays and Sundays to participate in the recreational activities such as drawing, handicraft, Dabke teams, musical bands, theatre in addition to celebrations and exhibitions.
Our financial resources for this program include non-profit organizations, friendship and solidarity societies that act as sponsors, in addition to individual sponsors from different countries.
The social workers play a critical role with the sponsored families. They are keen to maintain strong relationships with them, acting as guides. They work with the children and families through regular home visits to ensure that they are in good situation. Moreover, they guide the parents to send their children, who suffer from psychological problems, to our family guidance center for treatment and counseling by our specialists
This program also aims to establish a good relationship between the children and their sponsors through writing letters and preparing cards. Communication between the children and their sponsors is encouraged. Additionally, many of the sponsors are eager to visit their sponsored children – they want the chance to see them, learn more about them, hear about their problems and share other information.  At the same time, sponsors feel happy when giving them some presents which gives much joy to the children and keeps them smiling.

You can sponsor a child in a family by paying a monthly sum of 35 USD. The total amount can be paid yearly (420 USD) or every six months (210 USD).