Our Elderly...Our Dignity

Our Elderly...Our Dignity
"Our Elderly… Our Dignity” is a new initiative program started by BAS to support the older generation of our community. The living conditions in the camp and the activities do not adequately accommodate or meet the needs of the elderly of our community. Most often times, the elderly face issues such as depression and other psycho-social problems due to isolation and boredom from being segregated from the society. In addition, as they get older, they face more health risks and require greater attention and support.
Thus, in order to meet the needs of the elderly community, BAS piloted its first elderly support project in January 2014 with the generous support of the Finnish sponsors from the Finnish Arab Friendship society (F.A.F.S.)  who are now sponsoring 10 elderly persons in Burj Shemali and Ba’albek camps. With a generous monthly sponsorship, this project allowed BAS to offer elderly members of the community unique activities to engage them more in the society, as well as provide additional support when needed to meet their special circumstances.

Help us reach a greater number of elderly persons in the Palestinian refugee community in Lebanon by being one of our sponsor.
As a sponsor you will enrich the life of an elderly person by helping to create a space for him/her to meet and socialize with others, and become integrated in the community by participating in activities and events appropriate for their age, and allow them to live with dignity during this difficult phase of their life.
Please consider making a donation and sponsor an elderly. All donations, large or small, one-time or regular, will make an impact and go towards making a life-changing difference for an elderly person.

-Sponsorship of an elderly: 360USD/year or 30USD/month