Family Happiness Project

Family Happiness Program

The Family Happiness Project started in 1984 since the beginning of the main element of care giving for the whole family that with the support of all sponsors provides a margin of protection and guidance for our children. It represents our flagship project, from which all other NICSVT projects have emerged. The holistic approach to development implemented for this project involves a sponsorship program, social services, and educational opportunities, while maintaining a focus on the family unity.
Challenges are continually increasing for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and no just solution exists or is foreseen in the near future for these communities regarding their civil rights, including their "right of return." In the interim, developing the potential of our children and youth is our primary concern, since they are the future of our People.
This program addresses the families which are most needy through:
  • Sponsorship program for orphaned children, and families who have no regular income.
  • KG sponsorship
  • Sponsorship for elderly "Our Elderly... Our Dignity".
  • Social, health, recreational and educational services.
  • Monthly visits and follow up the sponsored families, children and elderly.
As a sponsor you will become part of a child’s life, and make it possible for him/ her to grow up in a loving home, with good nutrition, health, and an education that will prepare him/her for a brighter future.